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If Bill Gates is more concerned about this than nuclear war, why are you standing outside the box?

An epidemic so great it would rapidly wipe out millions worldwide

Australian News dot com – Concerned about things, but nuclear war and WWIII is not here. No, their concern is for a potential virus rapidly spreading across the globe. These reporters hark back to 1918 and the Spanish Flu.

So! That said, where is your 3% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) and your colloidal silver? Hmmm? This duo together can kill any bacteria, and that includes a viral flu. And, when the feathers hit the fan, haul out your Wild Oregano Oil. This stuff kills even the AIDS virus. If you’ve stocked up on these two, no, three items – your family, if they haven’t got their heads stuck in the sand, will listen and take these precautions and be safe.

The model for multiple deaths over 201 days shows just how fast such an epidemic like Spanish Flu could spread. That’s 33,089,409 deaths… If it were not sickening unto death, it would be an mind boggling thing to contemplate.

Move people! Get your trifecta virus killer in the cubboard. Now…

Be Safe and God Bless!